Review: Textkraft

We found a cool text editor app for iPad this week from the German developer Infovole GimbH. This iPad app is called Textkraft and is a smart text processor app that we tested on our iPad 2 device. This best iPad app allows you to transform your iPad into typewriter for on-the-go work. You can compose just about any size of text content from a quick Facebook status update to a large legal document.

Textkraft app for iPad offers users both a complete work solution, as well as a smooth interface for writing quick grammatically correct bursts of text. As I write this blog review I’m using the Textkraft app and it is a joy to use and I especially like the spelling aid that quickly advises me.

The list of outstanding features of Textkraft include:  (screenshots and video demo after break)

•Dynamic and sensitive spelling aid. No looking-up and no interruption within the writing flow. It identifies the right words, just the way you pronounce them.
•Cursor keys better than on a real keyboard. 8 keys with 10 functions.

•Quick selection-marker for word, sentence and paragraph without bustle or finger fractures.
•Undo/Redo- and history-function to test various phrasings.
•Upper and lower case can be switched by keystroke.
• Dropbox integration: Synchronize documents on all your devices.
• Text import from Macintosh, Linux and Windows.
• Text import from other iPad Apps, such as opening a text from mail-attachments.
• Text export via clipboard, e-mail, and immediate transfer to other iPad Apps.
• Direct printing with iPad. AirPrint™ compatible as from iOS 4.2.
• 9 typefaces at choice and freely selectable text size.
• Wide ranged text information, such as page and word count, as well as file size.
• Standard iPad auto correction can be disabled.
• Reading mode prevents accidental keyboard entries.

If you like to write and pretty much do everything on your iPad 2 then I think you’ll find this app for iPad a great companion for all your writing needs. They’ve done a thoughtful job of designing Textkraft so it integrates with all the apps I use on a daily basis including Dropbox.
The Textkrapt iPad app is available for a limited time for $3.99 (normally $5.99) on the app store.















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